What I do now

IMG_9582 (1)Since we sold our business, people have been asking me what I do with my time now. Of course, I started a new business.

You may feel the pull of your idea and yearning to create.  With whom can you collaborate for perspective, ideas, and connections to springboard your creation?

As a business owner of a promotional marketing company and partner with my husband through four decades, a Colleague of the Creative Education Foundation, Coach University graduate, political wife, mother stepmother and grandmother, I have unique perspectives and experience in three main areas, business, politics and life.

Where do you start?  How do you get unstuck? For most of us, our stuck-ness is in our self-talk.  My gift is to be the sunlight that clears up the fog that clouds your vision.  The one who can help you look at the possibilities that you are uniquely gifted for.  Someone who will identify the messaging needed to spread the word of the benefits of your ideas.  I will hold up the mirror for you so that you can see your awesomeness.

Our thoughts control our feelings and the way we respond to the world.  As we grow into happy, caring and well cared for individuals, we make our way in the world with optimism and joy as we share our ideas, businesses, lives.  The best way we can enhance the lives of our loved ones and co-workers is to be happily energized by possibility and success.

I want to coach people who are willing to explore and live at a frequency that elevates the vibrational energy in our community.  By shifting our perspective to the creative question of what’s good about it, we can move past the drama that is on our airwaves and concentrate on the goodness that abounds.

CEOs, business owners, sole proprietors, inventors, politicians are folks who have few people that they can confide in and get pragmatic guidance.

My intention is to be in creative collaboration with people who are doing meaningful work and want “pragmatic feedback with undaunted optimism…..on issues as broad as finance, emotion, and spirituality”.

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