Choose or chosen

img_5594-1What percentage of time do you get what you want? 50%, 80%, 20%?
And what percentage of time do you get what you get? 100%
SO, if you choose what you get, you get what you want 100% of the time. I didn’t make that up, but when I first heard it some decades ago, (est Training/Landmark Forum) it became a way for me to look at what I was getting in life with gratitude and introspection
There was a drama in my life that looked like something that I would not have chosen, but I was chosen by him. I didn’t listen to my inklings, my chronic stomach pains, or my upset moods. I got entangled in a bad marriage and business partnership that lasted three years. 1 ½ years plus another 1 ½ years of expensive and time consuming legal battle.
This was a learning experience. Experience is what you get right after you needed it. At one point, in all of the desperation, I blurted out “This is the most exciting time of my life.” The gifts for me: realizing what was important to me (my family business), how strong I was (making it through the death threats and court battles) and getting to know who I was when I had intentionality in choosing my success.
It was also a time I became a Workshop-aholic and stepped up my personal growth path.
Here are things I learned along the journey:
Life is perfect, although sometimes, not preferred (Coach U). And that I am perfect just the way I am in all my divine magnificence. (Arnold M. Patent)
Life is just the way it’s supposed to be. (Linda Bagley Wiggs)
The gratitude came with my notion that the experience, although not preferred, was perfect for a learning, growing, The aha! (Creative Problem Solving Institute CPSI)
If this situation were a gift from God, what is the gift? (Dan S. Bagley III)
I am not advocating being passive and simply accepting the situation. It’s more than the optimistic view that in this room of horse manure that there has to be a pony in here somewhere. (an old joke). There are things to do more than sticking a Happy Face sticker over the gas gauge.
Life gives us MESSAGES. If you are having discomfort, or an unsettled feeling, this is a message for you to change something in your life. If you ignore the feelings, then
Life will give you LESSONS. This pain could result in a sick day or worse yet, a day that you ignore the sickness and don’t take the sick day. If you don’t take care,
Life will give you a PROBLEM. This could turn into emergency room visit. If you consider being noncompliant to the doctor’s direction, your body WILL get you, and
Life will give you a CRISIS. You can make up what that would look like. I told you what mine looked like.
Pay attention to the MESSAGES that Life gives you (My personal life experiences and Coach U)
So you choose your actions with intentionality. Notice the messages you get when you are chosen. Do you choose to be chosen?
Your feelings are your guidance system. (Abraham-Hicks)
Is choosing an action? Is being chosen passive or is it an attraction? There is an energy around both. How you feel about being chosen is what will give you the message about the energy around it.
In being intentional and aware of your guidance system, stay present.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery,
Today is a gift, that’s why they call it The Present.

Stay tuned. And tuned in.

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