When I go gray

img_0479In 13 months and counting down, when my husband, Howard. is no longer the Mayor, I will let my hair go gray. And I’ll grow it long and put it up on my head to contain the wildness of it, but some will escape.
I’ll wear no added make up.
And I’ll ride my bike around my block. I have everything in my block.
Dentist, Doctor, Dermatologist, Chiropractor (all crucial for my demographic). There’s a bank that I go into because I never use an ATM Machine, my office, my manicurist moved into my block and as did my hairdresser, the hairdresser who won’t be coloring my hair anymore. Politics should make it a nice gray.
My favorite restaurants are here too- Café Zuppina and Gosh. There’s a library, gyms, gas (my bike has me for the gas—oops-didn’t come out right)
I can get a massage in my block and there are mental health therapists, if I needed one and my Publix is here, too, thank the Lord.
And I will only wear the most comfortable, ergonomic, aerodynamic, supportive shoes because my podiatrist is not in my block.
As I ride my bike around the block, I will sing to world and smile to the degree that people might wonder if I do need that mental health care worker.
Some fast paced woman driving to work will feel sorry for me because it’s so embarrassing to not be dressed up with real purpose in the middle of a weekday. I know that woman. I was that woman. I was the one who would be drumming my cell phone with my manicured nails as I was getting the facial(also in my block). I was the one who was working, doing emails, phone calls and going through piles of desk debris as I was getting my hair colored.
When I told one of my NAWBO sisters, a fellow business owner that someone implied that I didn’t work when I was doing the job of my self-care. She was aghast. We work all the time around whatever we are doing. How dare someone question our work ethics.
I would define my life by jobs: Mother job, Grandmother job, Daughter job, Wife job, Political wife job (which had its own unique skill set) and of course my Job job.
So now I don’t have a Job job, by design with years of planning to release that need for one.
All the planning didn’t prepare me for the shift. When I was that fast paced “working” woman, I would yearn to have the time to spend the day (A week day) at home. I didn’t have time to be sick to realize that desire. I wished I had time to cook more or any. And now I realize that all that yearning was exactly what I enjoy doing now and Yes, I know what to do with myself.
Now I am planning for something that is hard for me to admit.
Real Retirement.
In 13 months, counting down, when Howard is through with his public service, my political wife job will be complete.
This is the time I will pump up my bike tires and let my hair go gray.
Oh, and I am still the consummate multi-tasker, I wrote this on my Iphone as I was getting my hair colored.

6 thoughts on “When I go gray”

    1. Thanks, Angela. I’ll let you know when I am ready to admit that I’m retired. Who knows, I may be just now kicking off a new wave (although not a permanent wave—–girl humor)

  1. I LOVE this, Linda!!! I believe we as women dream of the day we can go grey and wear the comfort shoes and NOT CARE!!! I’m still in CARE mode as my feet ache in the damn wedges & I get my hair colored every 5 weeks!!! Hurray for you! We should start a ” When I go grey movement”!!! Hugs to you!

    1. Thanks, dear longtime friend. I like the “When i go gray movement” idea!
      Of course, “Movement” to the gray haired community may have a special connotation.

  2. You are the “real deal” Linda. So proud to know our Mayor has such a wonderful companion. May both of you continue to love and respect each other’s dedication your jobs, community and your relationship. Happy retirement coming your way and you will still be beautiful, though “wildly gray”!

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